Monday, March 10, 2008

Official All-Pajama Weekend

I declared last weekend was to be Official All-Pajama Weekend for me. The idea is to be comfy enough to putz around the house, never setting foot outside all weekend (which would, after all, getting dressed), work on whatever crafty projects strike your fancy, cook as little as possible, and nap whenever the mood strikes.

So I put on my 'jammies as soon as I got home from work on Friday. Ok, I don't really wear 'jammies; I sleep in a pair of ToolMan's boxers and a paint-splattered t-shirt. Sorry, I know that's probably too much information, right? And now you'll never get that picture out of your head, will you?

But since it's still officially winter, and a just a tad too chilly to lay around in my skivies, I added my Old Navy drawstring polar fleece pants from last Christmas (the white ones that have red and green "Merry Merry" printed on them), a green pullover, and a pair of socks (my own handknit, of course!)

On Friday night I finished up the cotton facecloths and soap bag I had been knitting to go with that pile of stuff I showed you last week. Then Saturday morning, while the laundry was being sorted, washed, dried, folded, hung, and put away (notice there was no "ironed" in that series?), and in between naps, I assembled this fancy schmancy basket for Thomas's auction:

A very Zen Spa Basket: two handknit face cloths and a drawstring soap bag, green tea shower gel and body butter, bath salts, glycerine soap, oatmeal soap, a candle, a mug and a box of green tea bags, and a cd of ocean sounds with piano solos. I hope this brings a nice price at the silent auction!

Then, I plied another skein of handspun and set the twist:

4 ounces Colonial Top from Aurora Colony Fiber Arts in "brick multi" bought last year at OFFF; approximately 250 yards, 2-ply, 11 WPI. I had originally planned on using this with the alpaca for a sweater for ToolMan. I thought this would make a nice accent to use on the yoke and maybe on the cuffs. Now that this was done, on Sunday I pulled out the alpaca:

A whole pound of alpaca, to be exact. But, I don't like the way the brick multi looks with the alpaca. The alpaca is a nice "milk chocolate" color, but the brick multi is just that: "multi" and "brick"; which means it looks terrible with the alpaca. A pound may not be enough for a sweater, but it probably is enough for a vest. No, I didn't get any spinning done, but I did get in another nap!

The sharp-eyed among you may notice my tea brewing back there in the background, and yes, it is Red Rose tea. I drink a pitcher of ice tea almost every day, no sugar, and this is my current favorite. Because I just LOVE getting the little figurine out of the new box.

It's the "Pet Shop Friends" series; they look so cute lined up on the shelf above the sink!

Sunday evening, I dug through the stash and patterns for another project. I want a lightweight shawl for spring and summer so I pulled out some sock yarn and cast on for Summer Shawlette. I'd show you pictures, but it's gone to the frog pond for the second time, so there's really not much to look at yet.

By bedtime on Sunday, I was well rested and well satisfied with my weekend projects. What I wasn't satisfied with was something I smelled. Honestly, you'd think ToolMan would have said something. Next time Official All-Pajama Weekend rolls around, I really must remember to shower at least once.


  1. that's my favorite kind of weekend - sometimes it's my goal to see how long I can go without going outside - but my weekend usually includes a long long bath too.

    put that on the list....


  2. great blog! I am glad you identified all the members of the Wed night group. It will help me to remember everyone's name.

  3. I have about 20 of those wee little figurines. Do I drink a lot of tea? Yah think?
    And, your spinning is looking great. Really.


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