Friday, March 7, 2008

Wednesday Wackos

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: My Westside Wednesday SipNStitch group is fabulous! There is simply nothing like this group of fiber addicts.

We show off our knitting accomplishments.

And, boy, does Trishhave some! In fact, she's an official "Master Knitter."

Angela has some pretty mad skillz herself.

She was showing off her Slytherin Bag from Charmed Knits. She was just finishing up the lining.

We have conversations about new yarns, patterns, who's working on what project, the local and not so local yarn shops, what fiber fests are coming up, etc. You know, typical knitting group conversations.

Then, every week, somehow, the topics of conversation turn south.

Suddenly, we're talking about other rock music inspiration for StitchJones. There was a suggestion for Robert Plant yarn: blue denim for the jeans, a pinkish red for the flowery manblouse, some pale yellow for the blonde hair. And some mohair to represent the chest hair.

And from there, we slid from "Westside Wednesday" to "Wednesday Wackos."

Duffy discovered some StitchJones yarn that she just couldn't live without.

"Yarn? What yarn? These are my kittens."

Her skeins were "purring". That is, until she decided the green one "tasted like the rainbow." Sadly, (0r maybe not) the picture of that didn't come out well enough to post on the blog.

The craziness spread to Angela, who is normally "the quiet one",

whose kittens were playing in her lap. Until a cat fight broke out.

This lunacy infected even the young knitters.

Kerin was singing to her "babies."

Cindy had a little fling with "Gene Simmons"

and was just a little TOO happy about that.

Then, a conversation about how knitting in a Pride Parade got more comments than the topless women. "Those (pointing to boobs), I can see those anytime. But knitting? That's not something you see everyday!"

This is not your mother's knitting circle!


  1. We are a fun group! I have a feeling the inspired lunacy is contagious, and before you know it we'll need a bigger meeting space.

    Great pics!

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry I missed that one! ROFL


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