Sunday, November 23, 2008

They're Coming!

My parents, that is; for Thanksgiving. So the family has been given a little extra "spit and polish." Meaning, I straighted up the fiber corner and we chased out the dust rhinos.

The dining table has been polished.

The larder has been filled and the turkey has been approved by Inspector 37.

What does it say about our family that the refrigerator holds Half-and-Half, Milwaukee's Best, and Activia?

In preparation for the first overnight guests in quite a while, the guest room got an extra dusting and straightening up. Meaning, I folded up the blocking board and made room in the closet.

I also stripped off the sheets and threw them in the washer.

Only to hear ToolMan cursing a few minutes later. Seems the seal has gone out on the washer and water was running all over the floor. Sound familiar?

Of course, this happened when I have two laundry hampers full of dirty clothes, company coming, and now every towel in the house is wet. So, first we went off to Home Depot; there are some really cool (read "expensive") washers and dryer on the market now. Mom and Dad arrive on Tuesday and the new washer and dryer on Wednesday, so next it was off to find a laundromat. I had no idea how scarce those had become. And I had forgotten how icky they are; thankfully ToolMan was with me. Minimal laundry was done and hauled home and the floors dried out. We're ready for company for the holiday.


  1. There's a very nice laundromat in my neighborhood. Next time you need one, come on over and I'll come keep you company. We can pick up lunch at Super Burrito across the street and and make a party of it.

  2. Have fun with the guests. Luckily, most people I Now are afraid to come into the Big (Scary) City, so no visitors.
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  3. How is it that our appliances know when guests are arriving! I know what you mean about laundromats. Have a great Thanksgiving!


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