Sunday, March 1, 2009

Driven to Distractions

I don't know what the reason is, but I have not finished a single thing all week! Usually, I am very project monogamous. But lately I have started more than my fair share of projects. Not that I've finished any of them, mind you. It appears I have a bad case of "start-itis".

Oh, sure, I've been spinning; I have single bobbins of (1) red/orange/yellow Merino, (2) blue/green Merino, (3) blue/green/red/brown Blue Faced Leicester, (4) pink/lavender kid mohair locks, (5) green/gold/brown/teal silk, and (6) lovely grey Pygora/wool blend that Deb gave me at the LYS Crawl. I haven't plied any of these, there's really nothing to look at. Actually, none of these have more than an ounce per bobbin, but they are all very fine singles, so I'm thinking I might ply some of them together instead of winding up with just a hundred yards or so of 6 different yarns. Any suggestions on which ones to combine?

And, I've been knitting; I have started a Storm Cloud shawlette in some lovely blue and green Schaefer yarn called "Martha" which is a worsted weight, so I'm using size 10 needles to get a nice open dropped stitch. And no, I did not spend the $40 per skein for this; I won it last year at WWKIP day and it's been lingering in the stash waiting to see what it wanted to be. This yarn is super soft; it's a blend of wool, cashmere, and angora (What's not not to love?), but it is very splitty. Maybe that's the reason it's discontinued?

I also started the second incarnation of the driving cap. BIL Jim loved ToolMan's when he saw it, so I picked up some Patons in a tweedy burgundy/brick red and am writing up the pattern as I go. Since I'm only a few inches into the top part of the hat, there's really not much to look at.

And, we're in the cold, rainy, gray part of spring so there really aren't any pretty flowers to show you. I know Roxie says they've had pretty blue skies and flowers in her neighborhood, but she's on the east side of town; it's amazing the difference only about 10 miles makes in the weather and climate!

Hopefully, my "start-itis" will have mutated into "finish this crap-itis" by next week!


  1. With what has gone on this week, it's a wonder we aren't all meeting at the local bar to drown out the stress! :)

    BTW, I awarded you a Kreative Blogger Award on my blog. Go take a look for details. :)

  2. Combine 1 & 5 and 2 & 3 for skeins. So that leaves 4 & 6 which could combine together if you like that color combo but remembering what the pygora looks like, it would mute them.

    After all the "mini" accomplishments of January, larger projects seem to just take longer to finish up.

  3. I can always count on your blog to lift my spirit, and "crap-itis" just did it! Louanna

  4. OK, it would help to see those bobbins, but from just descriptions, I would ply 3 with 5, 6 with 1, and 2 with 4.

    Sometimes, I just can't settle to a project and keep wanting to start new things. That's when I take a break and do something else all together. Like (whispers behind her hand) crochet. Or embroidery or sewing. I come back to the knitting re-inspired and ready to finish the crap on the needles and get on with the good stuff.


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