Monday, July 13, 2009

Good things . . .

come in small boxes, so they say. I think good things come in boxes of all sizes.

Here's a finished project to go in the "Next Christmas" box.

They're a little big for me but they should fit the recipient well enough. After a nice soak and rinse, they'll go in the box for next December.

And speaking of boxes, last week at Westside Wednesday one of my Knit Sibs/Spinning Sister, Tami handed this box to me.

A great bamboo box, and inside was little teapot and another little box of flowering tea. Tami's DH, Brandon, works at Norm Thompson; he said when he saw this in their company store, he immediately thought of me.

I'd been feeling kind of puny early last week and wasn't sure if I was coming down with something or if the sarcoidosis was revving up again. This was just the thing to perk me up. Thanks, Brandon!

I finished up plying the "Earth Angel" from StitchJones and it came out great. Here it is posed "a la Dave Daniels." Except he's better at the artsy posing of yarn than I am.

I can, however, make great skeins. That's 736 yards of DK weight 2-ply. I'm not sure exactly what this will be yet, so into the stash box it goes.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I came down with some sinus congestion that resulted in an earache and sore throat. So I brewed up a batch of my new tea in my new little teapot.

The tea flowers are enough to brighten anyone's day and the tea is delightful. The teapot is just the right size for two cups. The cozy that Roxie sent me a few weeks ago is a tad too big for this little pot so I need to whip up a cozy for it. I think I'll use my odds and ends of handspun to make a stripey one.

The Salvation Army opened a new store near us just a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn't checked it out yet. ToolMan and I stopped in last weekend and I found another 100% cashmere sweater

A pretty good deal, right? Well, when I took it up to the register, it was 1/2 price since it had already been there 10 days. Sweet! This is one big sweater; it's a mens XXL so it reaches almost to my knees. With the last two I frogged, this should pretty well fill up my cashmere stash for awhile!

Remember I joined a group on Ravelry called "Spin-Cycle"? It's not a swap, instead it's a "get what you want; give what you don't" group. I had asked for some "exploded clown" fiber to use at spinning demonstrations. Last week, this box arrived from Meg in North Carolina.

Inside? As requested, and "exploded clown"!

A whole box of dyed locks! With a sweet note from Meg saying these were from her own sheep and she had dyed them herself. These bright colors will be great for teaching kids and being able to show the ply with different colors. And it'll be fun to blend the colors together with handcards to make new colors.

This last one isn't a box; it's a bag. A knitting project bag, to be specific. I had a little traveling jewelry bag that I showed Kathleen with the idea of adapting it to a knitting bag. Being the expert seamstress that she is, she went right home and whipped one up. After examining it and offering suggestions, she made a second version

And then she gave it to me for a test drive! I've stuffed mine with all my notions and a couple of projects. She'll be offering these for sale later in the year so I'll let you know when they're ready.


  1. Earth Angel is heavenly! What pretty, pretty yarn! And yes, you DO give great skein!

    Exploded clown. snerk! Looks like lots of fun.

    Cashmere SCORE!!!

    Enjoy the coming sunshine!


  2. I need to take plying lessons from you. I plied a skein of yarn today and had a hard time getting it balanced. The trick seems to be getting the plies closer together without overplying, if that makes sense. You did a fabulous job.

  3. Love the pretties! I hope you're feeling better.


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