Monday, July 20, 2009

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full . . . .

Remember the box of "exploded clown" that Meg sent me a couple weeks ago? I've been sorting, processing, and organizing it. I found these great storage bags at Dollar Tree; they're perfect for storing fiber and yarn.

I started by sorting each color into a bag. Then I pulled out the intact locks from each color into their own storage bag, then carded the remainder and put it into a bag of its own. There are a couple of bunches that are blindingly bright (a lime green and a hot red), but the others are "calming down" considerably when they're carded.

I've only got about half of it sorted, picked, carded, and stored and it's already bigger than the box it came in! Meg really packed that box full! But I have a class of Chinese exchange students to give a demo/class to on Wednesday afternoon, a beginning spinner who needs to get some fiber to experiment with at Spinning Our Wheels on Wednesday, and a new spinner to get started at Westside Wednesday. Meg didn't give me the details on what breed the sheep are, but there is some VERY nice fiber in here!

Despite all the fiber prep going on, I have actually done some knitting. Case in point is this sample sock for StitchJones. Sharon has this pattern for sale, but the picture on the printout has another company's yarn. Big No-No for an indie dyer! And this lonely only will be on display at Sock Summit on a couple of weeks.

Speaking of Sock Summit, a bunch of the PDX Knit Bloggers met with Tina and Stephanie last Wednesday to get our volunteer assignments. Man, have they got stuff planned down to the last itty-bitty detail! There are spreadsheets, and notes, and computer files, and display boards, and post-it notes, and color-coding, and indexed tabs. They've got more office supplies than Staples! And we heard about stuff that isn't on the Sock Summit website. This is going to be serious fun! And, it's coming up in barely 3 weeks!

Which means that I really need to get knitting on this if I want to wear it there.

A top-down, round yoke, short sleeve cardigan, knit in a wool/nylon blend from Yarnia on size 6 circulars. Will I make it in time? And more, importantly, will it fit? And, yes, I SWATCHED.


  1. It's top-down so of course it will fit, since you can try it on as you go. Isn't Yarnia a treat?

    Too bad we didn't think to start a ducumentary film on this when it first started. In thirty years, young knitters will gaze at you in awe and breathe, "Did you really work the very first Sock Summit? Wow!" This is looking a lot like Woodstock as an iconic cult gathering. The film could be called, "WoolSock, the First Summit."

  2. As the Yarn Harlot pointed out, swatches lie. Good thing it's top down.

  3. Having seen it in person, I'd like to note that the pictures of Exploded Clown Orange understate how ORANGE that fiber is!

  4. Your beautiful single sock has been photographed, the pattern is re-formatted and most importantly, it now says "Stitchjones 100% Merino Sock Yarn"! :D

    Thanks for knitting a sock for the cause. Can't wait to see the cardigan!


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