Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sock Summit 2009, Day 1

Today at Registration, the line wasn't quite as long as yesterday, but there still were people coming in.

I hitched a ride with Tami, and we arrived about 8:30 a.m. The place was already crawling with knitters.

Every chair at every table had a knitter in it.

There were KnitStars to be spotted; if you look carefully at that front table below, you'll see the Knitmore Girls. That's Jasmine with the bright pink hair and Gigi to her left.

I also spotted Sandi Wiseheart, Amy Singer of Knitty fame, Joan Schrouder, Chrissy Gardiner, Deb Accuardi who does the "At the Kitchen Table" podcast, Cat Bordhi, Morgaine of Carolina Handspun, Jess and Casey (and Bob) from Ravelry, and Judy Becker. I spotted them and either I was running an errand for one of my teachers or they were in the midst of something, so I didn't get pictures. I'll try to get shots during the book signing tomorrow.
When class time came, the concourse looked practically deserted.

See, there were even empty chairs at Starbucks!

I had been assigned to be the volunteer teacher's aide for Nancy Bush, but when I got to the classroom and introduced myself, Nancy said she was pretty self-sufficient, but . . . . And then Stephanie poked her head through the door. Nancy explained that she really didn't need an assistant, but Judith McKenzie McCuin was next door and her usual assistant was not able to come with her. So, I was tagged to cover both teachers!

Judith's class today was "The Gentle Art of Spinning for Socks", and I can tell you that even without a wheel, I learned a tremendous amount. I think I probably have enough new information to build several lesson for Portland Spinnerati!

Classes let out at 4:30, so Tami and I hit the Marketplace. We made a beeline to the SockSummit booth and each of us snagged a great knitting bag with the Sock Summit logo on the front.

We made a quick swing around to see StitchJones' booth and decide we needed a plan before tackling the whole thing. Thank goodness we have 3 more days to snag whatever we can't live without!

Now, I've got to unpack the two bags I hauled today, consolidate into the new bag, and rest up for tomorrow. I plan on Kinneering as many KnitStars as I can.


  1. oh what fun! Oh, oh, envy! I know you are working your tail off, but you make it all look so appealing that I think I might volunteer next year. See you Sunday. You won't need to kinneer me. I love to pose.

  2. Great post. I'm one of the people in the photo of Judith's class. Is it okay if I grab a copy of the photo for personal use only? Thanks.


  3. My jealousy just increases with each attendee's blog post that I read. Living on the east coast is such a drag sometimes!

    I am impressed with your collection of "Knitterati". I would be "knitterati impaired" if I was there since I have no idea what most of these people look like - unless I could see their name tags or they were standing in front of a class they would get right by me.

    Have fun - Summit On!


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