Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sock Summit 2009 Early Registration

So, ToolMan and I trekked downtown to the Convention Center so I could register early and get my final volunteer instructions. We worked our way over to the Dragon Boat, under which was the registration desk. Holy cow; the lines were already waaaaay long! I whipped out the camera to take a picture, pushed the power button, and . . . . nada. Dead battery. So you'll just have to take my word that the PDX Knit Bloggers were there in force. Some were working the desk, and others squatted at a table and were knitting. MonicaPDX was there; so was Judy Becker, whom Rachel and Angela embarrassed by going all fangirl on her (like they couldn't get her autograph any Wednesday night!). And the Knitmore Girls, who came over to schmooze and snuggle trtlbby. Of course, Tina was there, and Stephanie, and RachelHoftheComm. I also spotted lots of others, too many to mention really. And we met some new friends who came for the Summit. I got my credentials and my marching orders: I am to be the teachers aide/bodyguard/nanny for Nancy Bush for the duration. But I will be sneaking out from time to time to take pictures for the nightly blog posts. Provided my camera works. And yes, the battery is charging right this very minute.


  1. Awwe, we didn't mean to embarrass her, we just wanted her to feel loved :)


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