Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hand Outs

A few more hand knits were handed out last week. I had a handful of scarves and coffee cup snuggies. Alice picked a pink one; the color is perfect on her.

Christine picked a pretty lilac blue, and Katie liked the multicolor modular-knit one.

Felicia got a yellow green one scarf and I handed out a bunch of coffee cup snuggies but didn't get pictures of those recipients 'cuz my camera battery died.

ToolMan has been wearing his driving cap from last year, but we've been having high winds so he wanted a watch cap to keep his ears warm. I pulled out a skein my hand spun and whipped out a simple ribbed cap in just a couple of days.

It's 50/50 merino/yak, spun woolen long draw on the Lendrum; it's very soft so it won't irritate the skin graft on his ear but still has a lot of bounce so it shouldn't stretch out. It's also very warm; in fact, he said it was too hot to model for very long inside the house. There's just no pleasing some people!

I finished another watch cap out of scraps tonight; it's been washed and is drying now. And I did swatches tonight for more hats that are to be gifted but whether they're done in time for Christmas is anybody's guess.

I'm still spinning the pink/purple fluff; I'm on the third bobbin. It is a real joy to spin; very light and soft and still has just a touch of lanolin so it practically drafts itself. I think I know what I want to do with it, but can't say just yet. I'm hoping to have it finished in time for Christmas gifting. With just over a month until Christmas, I may have been just a tad optimistic in the knitted gift planning area. Or maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment. . . .


  1. Hey Toolman, lookin' good in your watch cap :)

    Bobbie, you are so nice to knit everyone in your office such useful things! I bet they really appreciate them!

  2. I bet no one in your office makes fun of your knitting, do they?

    My compliments to Toolman. It's HARD to find a good yakyarn interior model.

  3. Your thoughtful generosity makes me smile! Thank you for sharing pictures of the happy recipients! It feels like the holidays already.

  4. Look how many people you've made happy!
    Good luck with the holiday knitting. Normally this time of year I'm madly knitting presents, but I just can't seem to get it together this year. Hopefully there's time for hats...


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