Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm late! I'm Late! For a very important date!

Yep, like the White Rabbit, I seem to be perpetually behind these days. I had all the best intentions of getting lots of knitting done for holiday gifts. Then, somehow, everything went straight to hell. In a hand basket.

I did knit one cap. See?

Except I hated the way it turned out. So I felted it. Now it's a bowl. I don't know anyone who could really use a felted bowl, but there it is.

I did have a couple of requests for felted purses, so I pulled out a bunch of hand spun with intention of getting those knocked out quickly. After all, they don't have to be particularly well spun or knit, since they're felted. And that's as far as I got. Well, I SAID I was late; didn't you believe me? Here, look at some pretty yarn:

I think the only one I have definite plans for is that pink/purple skein on the right. I finished plying it on Thanksgiving Day and I am very happy about how it came out. That skein weighs about 12 ounces and is incredibly soft and bouncy! But I really can't talk about what it will become, because it's to be a gift. I know; I know!

I did knit a hat for Dave Daniels' Santa's Elf Hat Project; I was working on it last Westside Wednesday and everybody thought it was danged cute. I could hardly wait to get it felted; which happened yesterday. Twice through a hot wash/cold rinse with towels and it was sufficiently shrunken, overnight drying in front of the heater, and it was so stinkin' cute that all I needed was a cooperative model.

Well, he was cooperative, by not necessarily enthusiastic about modeling for me. It still needs a little more Fun Fur around the bottom, a Fun Fur pompom on the top, and maybe a jingle bell? Oh, and the label, which I got from Dave, and then I can deliver it to the mother of the kiddos who will be finding it.

Also, I talked to Judy about a big project she's got going and a little project that's been rolling around in my head for awhile. You know what they say about two heads. And that's about all I can tell you about that for now, except that there will be secret knitting after the New Year.

"You see, I'm overdue, I'm in a rabbit stew Can't even say "Goodbye", "Hello" I'm late, I'm late, I'm late . . . ."


  1. Your elf-stand-in is adorable! And how much more do you think you can do? Fercrysakes, woman, you have enough on your plate! give people IOUs and give yourself a break. And Merry Christmas, dear girl!

  2. I've been running late all year long - why would I think the holidays would be any different? *sigh*
    LOVE that elf hat!
    If you put a handle on the felted bowl, it becomes a felted bag...


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