Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Woman With One Red Sock *

Ladies and Germs, I am proud to present to you something never before seen on this blog, . . .

in fact something one rarely encounters in life, . . . .

something so rare it should be in the Guiness Book of World Records, . . .

. . . . a red 72-row pattern repeat sock.

Yes, indeed, ONE red sock. But would you just look at that pattern?

And not just on the front, either! Nnosireebob! It's repeated on the back of the cuff as well.

And here it is in the shoes for which it was originally intended. Ain't it purdy?

But really, look at it in my ballet flats! Simply gorgeous! Why, I expect people to stop me on the street when I wear this sock!

Mostly, they'll be asking, "Where the hell is the other one"?

* My apologies to Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher, but ToolMan thought of the title and it was just too good to pass up!


  1. It is beautiful. The color is gorgeous with a shine. Is it your pattern? What is the yarn? If you already said I must have missed it.



  2. Yes, you forgot to include mention of the pattern. ;-) Taking the other one with you to the hospital?

    Good luck with your surgery!

  3. "Le Grande Blonde ave une Chasseu Noir" (God knows if I spelld it right. I don't speak french) with subtitles is one of the funniest movies I have seen. Hit the ladies' room before you see it or you will wet your pants!

    Your one red sock is a thing of awe and wonder. I am SO impressed!

    Best of luck with the upcoming surgery. And thank God for modern medicine! Laproscopic surgery is a Godsend!

  4. It's beautiful! And you're going to mirror the other one?
    Brave brave woman.

  5. That is one very hot looking sock!

  6. what a beautiful sock. I would have knit both at the same time - oh wait - did someone say that they are mirror images - euwww.

    In that case - one at a time makes sense.

    How the heck are ya - anyway?

  7. Very nicely done. If I recall right the other one goes in the opposite direction. An excellent project for recovering from surgery.

  8. That's just beautiful! The yarn, is she Malabrigo?


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