Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whistle-pig *

I was going to title this post with something cute about groundhogs and poking my head out of my den, etc. except Stephanie beat me to it. As Yogi Berra would probably say, "Groundhog Day is like Deja vu all over again."

The gall bladder was finally taken out last Thursday! Woot! Knowing that I always sleep much, much longer than most folks, they decided to wake me up from the anesthesia and send me home the same day. This turned out not to be the best plan. Apparently, it takes four full days for anesthesia to completely leave your system. So for someone like me, who is very sensitive to medications, this can be a problem when combined with prescriptions at home for pain. ToolMan called the surgeon on Friday, concerned that I was having very severe headaches and nausea with double vision and roaring in my ears. The surgeon issued prescriptions for changes in meds, but because it was Friday and the doctor was back in surgery, meant he had to go pick up the 'scripts and drive them to the pharmacy to be filled. He did and we changed meds, which worked for a day. By Sunday, the headaches, nausea, and roaring were back with a vengeance, this time with not only double vision, but flashing lights. Another phone call to the surgeon, a check of my blood pressure, and we were off the the emergency room. Turns out the anesthesia, combined with the increase in blood pressure medications before surgery, and the new pain meds were not all playing nicely together. My blood pressure was very low, my potassium was nearly non-existent, and I was dehydrated. A couple bags of IV with potassium and meds to clear out the lingering anaesthetic worked wonders. They did run a CT scan of my head to make sure nothing bad was in there (and to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure they actually found anything in there at all) and then sent me home where I continued to do what I had been doing for the previous four days. That is, sit in the recliner, hold the television remote in one hand, a bottle of water in the other, and stare off blankly into space, drooling occasionally. By Monday, I could actually retain a thought process long enough to choose something on the telly and by Tuesday I could actually track an entire one-hour program. Today, I went back to work and thanked all my co-workers for the lovely flowers which were outside our door on Saturday.

See, all those hand knits finally paid off.

* Another name for a groundhog.


  1. Very pretty flowers! Good news that you're feeling better, bad news that they didn't let you stay overnight after the surgery and maybe all that 'fun' after could have been avoided. Hope we get to see you back at knit night next week!

    We'll be thinking about you while we're at the Newport Spin-In.

  2. glad you're feeling better sweetie. I wish I had a trip to pdx planned before OFFF so that I could see you sooner

  3. Bless your dear heart, and bless your dear Toolman! Until I figured that I have low blood volume, they ALWAYS overmedicated me. Now I warn them and they carefully triple check their dosages and aim low, and I recover much better. Anesthics are good, but only in moderation.

  4. Glad you're finally feeling better. Holy crap! Sometimes the 'cure' is worse than the illness...
    Looks like you should keep the office hand-knits coming. Beautiful flowers!

  5. What a week! Glad your gall is out, but not glad you had those med issues! Feel better soon Bobbie, we miss you at knit night.

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  7. Girl! I'm behind on my blog reading, so I had no idea you went through all that. So sorry for the ordeal! You seemed 100% fine at knit night last week; hope you are feeling great now.

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