Sunday, February 7, 2010


Call it karma or whatever, but for knitters, today is just about as good as it ever gets. The knitting gods have looked down on us and smiled. The universe is in perfect harmony. You can call it Littlewood's Law, or coincidence, or the Butterfly Effect; but today is meant for us! After all, how often do these things occur ALL AT THE SAME TIME?

For starters, today is SuperBowl 798. Sorry; I know the football fans will crucify me for that one. I'm not a fan of the game. Although ToolMan will have it on all day (even though his team isn't playing) I only watch the commercials. Really.

Because B: I knit during the game because I've got serious swatching and sampling to do. See?

I'd tell you more about it, but then I'd have to kill you. It's secret knitting; something I can't even hint at until next fall. This isn't even the yarn I'll be using to make said secret knitting object. This is a blob full of increases, decreases, short rows, stitch patterns, and other various variations. All in prep for said secret knitting which will actually begin during the Knitting Olympics, which coincides with the real Olympics, which start next week.

And 3: it's International Pajama Day. OK, so I know this happens every year on the first weekend in February, and she picked the date three weeks ago, but come on, gimme a break here! Me, I'd have chosen next weekend, which would have totally screwed up the works.

I love it when a plan comes together. *

* Hannibal, played by George Peppard, in "The A-Team"


  1. You tease! Secret knitting indeed.

    But I gotta admit, it's a great day for knitting.

  2. I'd never heard of Littlewood's Law - thanks!
    Are you going to keep teasing us with references to the secret knitting until the grand unveiling? Can't wait!

  3. I found you! It's Ronda from Greener Pastures Farm!!! We are having our Shearing Day in early March. Let us know if you and your spinning group would to attend again. (and)
    : ) ~ Ronda


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