Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Checking In

Not much to report this week; and yes, I realize I'm a few days late.

I'm knitting hats for my brother Joe, but I can't show them to you until after he sees them.  And besides, I'm still working on the last one.  But I can tell you that the first ones were previewed at last week's Westside Wednesday and they were well received, both by knitters and bystanders who stopped to look at me modeling them.  Even the lady at the sushi bar gave applause!

I've gotten hooked on two new programs on Discovery Channel:  Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, and Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking.  Summer season television generally sucks, but both of these series are fascinating; they bring some very abstract theories into layman's terms and the graphics are breathtaking.  Excellent knitting programs, except for those times when I have to stop and let the info sink in.  If you haven't been watching these, go check out the short videos; or better yet, watch the past episodes online.

I did finish plying the mystery fiber; I did a Navajo ply, or chain ply as Judith McKenzie McCuin calls it.  Thanks to Tami for suggestions on checking my blog for what the name is but I don't think I actually bought this; I think it might have been in a swag bag or swap or something.  But then again, maybe I did buy it!  And thanks to Duffy for suggesting it might be Dicentra Designs.  It could be; at this point, all I know is that it's some kind of wool (very nice wool, as a matter of fact) and the colors are pretty.  I'd show you a picture of how pretty it turned out, except it's late at night and the skein is still hanging up to dry.

I had physical therapy on my shoulder today; only a few more sessions to go.  I've got most of my range of motion back, most of the strength has returned, and I'm mostly pain free.  Another couple physical therapy sessions, and I should be pretty much back to normal.  OK, some people say I never was normal to start with, but I should be back to where I was before spending too much time on the computer at work.

ToolMan had another bout of gout in his foot last week.  He spent a couple days mostly off his feet and a couple days hobbling around.  This isn't the first time he's had gout, but it was one of the worst that he's had.  I made us decide that we'll probably be putting the house up for sale soon; both of us are at an age when the stairs are getting pretty hard on us and we need to be someplace that's all on one level. 

See ya in the funny papers!


  1. There's a lot to be said for ranch houses. Ours could be wheel-chair accessible with five pounds of cement to make a tiny three inch high ramp.

    Poor Toolman. and poor you to have your main man in such pain.

    Looking forward to those photos.

  2. I love Dicentra's stuff... Can't wait to see photos of it...even if it's not hers.

    Sorry about Tool Man's feeties... and I'm glad your shoulder is doing better!


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