Sunday, June 13, 2010


After more than three years of this blog, I thought it was time for a new look.  So, whaddya think?  I'm not sure it'll stay this way, there are some things I might change.  And not sure I'm all that in love with the orange background; it just seemed to "fit" me better than the others. 

Anywho, I have been knitting, mostly caps and hats for my brother, but I can't show them to you until after he sees them.  But I have been spinning; look:

That's the rest of that mystery fiber from the stash.  This has convinced me that I really do have to put a label on anything going into the stash that doesn't already have one.  I'm always quite sure that I'll remember what fiber it is and who the seller was and where I bought it and how much I paid for it.  But the truth is, I can't; when I pulled this out of the stash, I had absolutely no memory of it.  None.  As Bette Davis once said, "Old age ain't no place for sissies."

I think I'll Navajo ply this; I really liked how the sample batch turned out a couple weeks ago.  My shoulder is doing much better, but I found some YouTube videos that help take the strain off that side. 

Yesterday was World Wide Knit In Public Day.  Tami did her usual great job of coordinating (that's her on the right).  She got us space at the Hillsboro Farmers Market, complete with awnings, tables, and chairs.  And as usual, she rounded up volunteers to sew project bags, donate yarn samples and stitch markers, and raffle prizes from The Knitting Bee.  There were lots of knitters everywhere!

There were wannabe knitters learning from accomplished knitters.

Knitters gathered in sun and in shade.

Knitters standing in line for goodie-filled project bags.

And, of course, the destash/swap table.  This picture is actually after the swarm of locusts attacked it; lolDebby was there, with some of the girls in her family.  She has some good pictures on her blog, so be sure to go look at them, especially the one of the newest little knitter/crocheter!  Debby brought her new Evenstar shawl; I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy admiring it.  It's even prettier in real life than the pictures on her blog, if that's possible!

I did get one of the raffle prizes from The Knitting Bee; Knitting Color by Brandon Mably.  I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough to tackle a Brandon Mably or Kaffe Fassett pattern, but it is good inspiration to use more color in my projects. 

The project bag is adorable!  It's got various sushi and sashimi on top of a white background with teeny, tiny, black pin dots, and black satin ribbon for ties.  This is going to be my new lunch bag for work; I'll be able to identify it in the office fridge!  And inside was a sample skein from Chic Geek, stitch markers from Dorothea's Boutique and Rachel, and a business card from Urban Fiber Arts, which is Cindy's new venture.  It'll be Portland's newest yarn and fiber shop, as soon as she gets the deal on the retail space finalized.  I don't know who's more anxious for that - her, or all the knitters in Portland!


  1. I like the new look!
    Funny thing is, I redecorated yesterday, too. Great minds and all that...

  2. You're the second of my regular blog buddies to go with that cheery template. I love it!

    Looks like Knit in Public was a great success! Hooray for Tammi!

    LOOOVE the newblue fiber. Yum!!

  3. I love, love the new look!! Sure wish I could've come out to join you on Saturday! Looks like you had a fabulous time... and I need to find some sushi fabric too!

  4. BTW the fiber looks like Dicentra.

  5. If I don't have a label directly on the fiber, I at least have taken pictures shortly after purchase of it with all details in Ravelry. ;-)

    The sample isn't an Abstract Fiber one?


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