Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday in the Park

Nate the Wonder Geek determined our old computer could not be resuscitated.  Instead, he brought us a whole new brain.  Now, I can try to wade through all the posts I had ready and waiting, complete with pictures. 

First up:  Babies and Birthdays, Cake and Presents: 

Last Saturday; no wait, it was Saturday before last; ToolMan and I were at a very special Saturday In The Park.  I was somebody's first birthday!  Can you guess who?  Here, I'll give you a hint:

It was Trtlbby!  Her momma, Rachel, is a PDX Knit Blogger and a Portland Spinnerati, and when Trtlbby was born, ToolMan and I instantly became Hazel Nuts.  Ha, I crack me up sometimes. 

Here's the birthday girl herself, getting ready to play in the sprinkler fountains.

Already learning to pose and smile for the camera!  She had a great time in the fountains with the other kids.

"Hmm, where's this water coming from?"

"Are you still back there, Dad?"

"Maybe I can ditch Dad and go play with the big kids."

And she had some little friends come share the special day.  William is stylin' with his new hat.

Connor really dug the chips and bean dip.  Aren't you glad you don't have to change those diapers?

Her little guests are both boys; Dad may need better locks on the doors in a few years.  ;)

Pretty soon, it was time for cake!

"I think this is my new favorite food!"

"I wish they'd let me have a fork!"

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

And then, the madness that is opening the presents.  Fortunately, or maybe not, the big kids were glad to help rip open wrapping paper.

"I hope I can get this tiara from Auntie Tiggywinkle and Uncle ToolMan resized to fit."

"Oh, thank goodness I got lots of clothes; I really can't wear the same outfit to multiple events, you know."

"Yeah, you think it's really cool, but frankly my dear, I no longer give a hoot."

After a couple hours, everybody was ready to head for home.  I don't know who was more tired:  the little ones were tired from playing and missing their afternoon naps, or the adults from watching the little ones play and miss their afternoon naps.  It's been a great many years since ToolMan and I had been to a first birthday party, and we were pretty worn out, too!  

Happy Birthday, Trtlbby!  ToolMan and I hope you have LOTS and LOTS of them, and that we get to share them with you! 


  1. What a fun, fun time! Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the pics! What a beautiful day. Can't believe she's already a year old.

    (I think the little man in the hat is Jonathan...?)

  3. Thanks for coming to the Party Bobbie. I know Toolman would have been awful sore at me, if you were not invited! I hope you had fun watching all the kidlets running around!


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