Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Friends and Grand Openings

The day after Trtlbby's birthday party, ToolMan and I drove over to Oregon City for a sneak preview.  It wasn't for a movie; if you're a fiber fanatic, a quilt maker, seamstress, weaver, card maker, scrapbooker, or a craftaholic, it's even more exciting!  It was the soft opening of Wynona Studios!

I was warmly welcomed by Linda Bell (Grand Poohbah), JJ Foster (Empress of Everything), and Emma Foster (Flibbertigibbet).  These three generations of women span just about every craft known to the western world, and they've accumulated all the tools, materials, and accoutrement needed for all of them in one beautiful space.  And all of it's available for use for a small fee; you can buy a membership, a punch card, or a single day use.

The space is light and bright, thanks to natural light compact bulbs in the big lights.  They sense of whimsy in filling the shop is great. 

See that antique bassinet?  It's full of vintage sweaters, some in exotic fibers, waiting to be bought and unraveled.  There are lots of vintage craft supplies and tools, many for sale.  When you go, ask JJ to tell you about "Grace's things".

If you're into sewing or quilting, or just want to learn, they have sewing machines, a serger, big tables folding tables for cutting fabric, and even irons available for use.  If you spin, or want to try, there's a wheel available, along with extra bobbins, and winding stations with swifts and ball winders.

Want to learn to weave? They have three looms, warping boards, bobbin racks, and all the other tools.  JJ told me they also have at least one "expert in residence" available a couple days each month who can help beginners. 

Maybe paper crafts are your thing?  They've got all the stuff for that, too.  In this corner is all the different papers, inks, stamps, die cuts, Criket die cutter, glues, and trinkets for making cards or scrapbook pages.  They even have a big kitchen table in the middle of the shop for spreading out your work. 

Want to try dying fiber, yarn, or tie-dye those stained t-shirts?  They've got a dandy dye kitchen set up.  There are two big wash sinks, a small stove, microwave, and cabinets full of squirt bottles, dyes, and measuring tools.  And that stuff on the counter-tops is where they've been doodling!  The back splashes are corrugated metal, so no worry about splashes ruining the walls or counter tops.   

Want to just sit and knit or crochet?  Or unravel that sweater from the bassinet?  There's space for that, too.  Big comfy couches and chairs in front of the little fireplace.  They even thought of a flat screen for watching tutorials or movies. 

The whole place is just cute as a button.  Even the "room of rest".  If you ever doubted yourself, you'll get a little ego boost when you check yourself in the mirror.

And lest you take yourself, or these lovely ladies, too seriously, this is what you see when you're "occupied":

Emma introduced me to the official Studio Dog; William Baxter Bell Foster.  He has his own business card, which he was handing out to everyone.

These gals thought of pretty much everything that makes crafters happy. The day I visited, there was a big pitcher of lemonade, fresh fruit, and shortbread cookies on the table for every one to enjoy. And just in case you lack confidence in yourself, they have the stuff for that, too.


  1. OK - Now I GOTTA go! You do great advertising!

  2. What a fabulous idea! I hope they do well. And I wish they had a branch studio near me...

  3. Thanks for the pics Bobbie! It looks like a great place. When I'm out in that neck of the woods I'll be sure to visit.

  4. What a wonderful endorsement! I think I am blushing! We loved having you visit Bobbie and hope you will come back again really soon!

  5. Wow oh wow!! I think a field trip for me is in order!!!


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