Sunday, July 18, 2010

Knit Sibs Rock!

Now that they've been delivered, I can show you the pictures of the hats I knitted for my brother Joe.  He has Chronic Lymphoma Leukemia and will be having chemo every month until October or November.

First, a pirate hat for when he's feeling like a scurvy dog that's just been keel-hauled.

Next, a hat for when he's about as lively as a dead flounder.  This isn't actually a flounder, though; it's definitely a hybrid.  Guess what it's parents were?

A big-mouth bass and a rainbow trout, of course!

This one's for when the doctors want more tests, and he wants to chicken out.

This one's for the days when he starts out feeling pretty good,

and easily reverses if things so far enough south that all he's thinking is, "Well, f*** this!"

Knowing my brother, I suspect this side might see quite a bit of wear.

Mom and Joe also got a package from my new Knit Sib Ailxxi (Ravelry link) this week.  She was so sweet to knit a couple of hats and send them on.  Here's Anna in a beret she made for Mom,

and her darling husband modeling the hats she made.  Isn't he just the cutest crown model you've ever seen?

Another new Ravelry Knit Sib, Oakdryad, had done a couple of hats, too, although I don't know if she's sent them off yet.  She did a Trilobite for Joe,

and a Molly for Mom.  Hmm, can't get that picture to load, so you'll have to go check her Project Page for it. 

And I've gotten quite a few hats from my local Knit Sibs as well.  Pictures of those and credits when I'm ready to send them in a week or two.   Knit Sib, whether "in real life" or the "virtual" ones on the internet really rock! 

Let's see; that leaves spinning, garter stitch, and blankies left from the list of stuff to post.  Oh, and Roxie's still waiting for the unicorns and sparkles . . . .


  1. "Hamburger and fries - pickles and icecream - Unicorns and Glitter!!" Squeee! We LOVES unicorns and glitter!

    Those hats are soooo awesome! I especially love the reversable elk hat, though the rainbow trout has a lot of appeal. Does your brother actually have the cohones to wear the rainbow trout out in public? What a treat for the nurses and med-techs!!

  2. Great hats! Some of them are on my to-do list. (The fish hat, for instance. My youngest would totally adore the fish hat...)
    They're sure to make your brother smile.

  3. I love ALL the hats but my favorite is the fish hat. Too bad I can't knit. I can only crochet but its a wonderful hat! I'm sure my grandsons would love something like that!


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