Saturday, July 24, 2010

End of the List

Well, at long last, we're almost to the end of that list of posts I promised you.  Here's the garter stitch blankie I'm working on.

Yes, this is the second one I've done.  This one's a little heavier; it's worsted weight because I couldn't find the right solid colors in sport or dk weights.  Since it's for a baby and needs to be washable and durable, I was pretty much stuck with acrylic.  The Vannas Choice is very nice and soft.  The Caron and Red Heart, not so much.  I'm finishing up the last strip, which must be at least 5 miles across because I have resorted to two 29 inch circular needles, knitting off one and onto the other because using a single one is just too hard to move the stitches around.  And no, this one isn't getting the I-cord edge either; I think I'll do a round of crab stitch crochet in the off white and call it good.  Because I REALLY want to knit something interesting.  With nice, soft, little yarn.  Something that doesn't weigh 15 pounds to when I carry it to Knit Night.  Something lacey and light and pretty.  I don't know what it is yet, so stay tuned.

I finished up that mystery blue/green/teal roving, too.  I really wish I new what this was and where it came from because it turned out fab-u-lous!

I Navajo plied this for a three-ply and it has so much bounce, it's just incredible.  I just want to sit and squeeze it; it's way better than a stress ball!  This might have been an "oops" from a dyer because it weighs 5 ounces; not a usual amount. 

I also spun up the samples of pygora that I got from Applebright Farms last year. 

What a joy this was to spin!  Jan's must have a great mill for prep as I only found 3 guard hairs in the samples.  I spun the samples from lightest to darkest, then Navajo plied the single.  Not quite sure what I'll do with it, since it's only about 100 yards of lace weight.  Maybe a short cowl in stockinette to show off the difference in fiber blends and colors?  Or maybe it goes to live at my office along with the blue/green/teal?

Here's what I'm spinning now; a lovely merino teal from Woodland WoolWorks that I bought when ToolMan and I drove over right before their big move. 

Here are the two batches of fiber I got that day.  The heather is called "Honeyberry Heather" and the solid is "Warm Coral".

The Warm Coral isn't really that red; it's much more subdued but no amount of Picassa-ing would make it the right color.  I got 4 ounces of each, so I can ply them together for a sport or dk weight.  I'm thinking this will become a nice shawl for Mom eventually. 

And finally, just because Roxie said she was looking forward to them, go here to find the unicorns and sparkles. 


  1. If you'll come to knitting at my house, I'll serve canned unicorn sandwiches and steam up some spotted dick.

  2. Love ThinkGeek! My favorite T-shirts all came from there...
    Pretty yarn and fiber. Makes me want to nuzzle the monitor!

  3. The blanket may be a pain to knit but it is beautiful. I love the colors you chose, reminds me of neopolitan ice cream.


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