Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Slice of Humble Pie

I've been knitting for a long time, so I like to think that I can knit anything I want.  I'm not a master knitter by any stretch, but I'm far from a beginner.  After all, there are a LOT of things I can do in knitting.  I can knit socks on dpns, magic loop, 2 circulars, and traveling loop.  I can cable with or with out a cable needle.  I can do colorwork in fair isle, stranded, mosaic, slipped stitch and intarsia.  I can knit lace, cables, bobbles, nupps, and textured patterns.  I can knit garments that are seamless in the round, or flat and seamed.  I've knit knockoffs of couture pieces from a single picture on the Internet, made improvements on a pattern by using different techniques, and written patterns.  

Then why is this sweater kicking my arse so badly? 

It took almost all week to slog through that four inches after joining the sleeve parts.  On Thursday night, I counted my stitches and was right on target.  Although I almost never use a lifeline, I decided to put one in only because this is knit on such a small gauge.  Then I knit the decrease row, counted stitches again, and was right on target.  So far, so good.  I would have the whole weekend to knit the 18 rows of tangled cable.

Friday night, I was ready for the set-up row.  After dinner, I gathered everything I needed for a few hours of knitting on the tangled cables.  There are sections of the tangled cable that are repeated 12 times so I knew I was going to need practically every stitch marker I own.  I had a large glass of iced tea, some caramel corn, the tangled cable chart, a highlighter pen, and the remote control for the telly.  I carefully started knitting the set-up row, which is on the wrong side and includes lots of five-in-one increases, putting markers between every section.  Andy Rooney interrupted me a couple times, needing either in or out of his chair, or to go outside, or a biscuit, or a drink.  I finally made it to the end of the set up row, turned to the right side and started the first right-side row of the tangled cables.  Halfway through the row, I found that I had knit half of the set-up row when I should have purled.  Ripping back to the lifeline began, with much loud cursing.

Saturday night, I was all set to go again.  This time I made it through the set-up row and the first two rows of the chart without problems.  I'm glad this wool is sticky enough to be able to cable without a needle, otherwise it would be even slower going.  Tonight I got another 5 rows done, which doesn't sound like much but I am extraordinarily proud of them.

Excuse me; I have to go eat some pie now.


  1. Slow and steady wins the race, right? It's like my work on Lyra - so much concentration is necessary on each row that I'm creeping along at a snail's pace...

  2. Why is it kicking your backside? Because it's a freaking mother, that's why! It's really, really hard, ok? You are rockin' and should give yourself pats on the back, great self esteem, and chocolates.


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