Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bite Me

On Sunday, I made it to Row 7 of the Tangled Cable chart.

On Monday, I found that I had omitted the 5-in-1 increases 2 rows back and had to rip them out.  Much loud cursing and gnashing of teeth ensued.

Tonight, I get to knit those 2 rows again.  Hoo boy, I can hardly wait.


  1. When a project bites me like that, I almost, almost wish the house would catch fire and that is the only thing to burn, or one of the grandmunchkins "accidently" catches it and pulls it out, or it's stolen out of my car, etc. I did say "almost". :-) Keep on keeping on!

  2. I've had that sort of project, where I want to beat it with a hammer. (Good thing wool is resilient...)

  3. Throwing it on the floor and calling it names is always an option. And it's such for for your audience!

  4. I know that feeling!


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