Sunday, May 1, 2011

The $.25 Tour

Well, we've been in the new house 3 weeks and we're mostly unpacked and settled in.

The living room is done; a few more pictures and some accessories to be added from the last boxes to be unpacked.

The dining room finally came together today.  I desperately want to be rid of the mini-blinds; they are beyond ugly.

The kitchen is finally organized enough that we can mostly find what we're looking for.  We love the utility room; it has a pantry closet and back door to the yard.

The new hutch has been filled with our dishes.  Our everyday stoneware looks so classy in there!

We can finally see the floor in the master bedroom.  There are lots of things we love about this house:  the cathedral ceilings, the floor plan, the architectural details.  The french doors in the master with it's own patio is definitely a plus.  The pink verticals, however, definitely have to go.  Whoever invented these things should be shot.

Another thing we love is the master bath with the big shower; walk in, double size, two seats, two massaging shower heads, trackless doors, and a heat lamp.  It's perfect for loosing up stiff joints and steaming out sore muscles.

The guest bath  done.  In fact, DIL has used it the last couple of weekends while DS is in Texas.  He should be home next week; we can't wait to hear all about his trip.  Hopefully, he'll have some pictures of the newly found granddaughter to share!

One of the bedrooms will become ToolMan's office.  He picked out and assembled a new computer desk.  We've still got some unpacking to do in here and pictures to hang and more mini blinds to be banished.  I may leave my spinning wheel in here; the light is really good for spinning.

The guestroom was cleared out just enough for DIL to use.  I've been using the bed for piling up pictures and artwork that needs to be hung.  Most of my knitting and spinning things have made their way in here, 

including most of the stash.  Some stash wound up in the garage, and the holiday decorations in here somehow.  I'll get sorted eventually into some organization.  And I'm getting rid of those damned verticals, if it's the last thing I do.

Oh, the best thing about this house?  No stairs!

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  1. Oh, the chaos of moving - I don't envy you...
    But yay for no stairs! Our house is all one level and I'm very happy about that.


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