Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ooops! I did it again!

No, I'm not going all Brittany Spears on you, I'm just referring to my neglect of this poor blog!  We've had lots of things going on, most of which I can't blog about. 

DS has returned from visiting his daughter, gone back there, then back here, and is now back there.   Things are still in a bit of a turmoil on that front.

Barbara will be coming to visit for Sock Summit II in July, which means I've got to get the guest room cleaned up.  Unfortunately, there is a LOT of organizing that needs to happen in there.

I have been wearing the Tangle Yoke Sweater several times a week and I LOVE it.  It's definitely my first choice for spring warmth.  Our weather has been chilly and cold; perfect sweater weather.  Until yesterday, when it hit 80+ degrees.

Andy Rooney was sick, very sick, a few weeks ago.  Sick enough that we thought we might lose him.  He eventually pulled out of it and is pretty much back to his old self.  He was 14 years old in January, so we know we won't have him too much longer. 

ToolMan and I continue to love this house; we are sooooo comfortable here.  We enjoy having all the big windows and views of the neighborhood and watching all the little kiddos playing up and down the street.  We'd like a few things to make it more comfortable: front porch chairs (we'll be the two neighborhood old fogies in rockers), a dresser for the master bedroom, and stash storage in the guest room. 

Not much spinning has been going on; I have several bobbins that need to be plied.  Knitting has been happening, although without a great deal of progress.  I'm still working on the Big Blue Thing.  I was out to the border, but had to rip out 13 rows and start it over.  Now I'm finally back to where I started the border.  Next time, pictures.  I promise!


  1. Hugs to Andy Rooney, and give Toolman a kiss when he's handy.

    Glad you are happy with the new place. Hope you soon find those front porch rockers. (Happy old fogies!)

  2. And you'll be knitting in that rocker, yes?
    Scritch Andy Rooney behind the ears for me. So glad he decided to stay.


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