Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big Blue Thing Revealed

Another week gone here at the ol' ranch house.  Got stuff to show for it this week, though!

Here's the finished single that I started last week at Spinnerati.

Yes, I know it's a terrible picture.  That would be because I waited until after dark to take a picture and I'm too impatient to get something better.  I'll get a better one after it's plied and finished.  That's when it really counts, anyway.

How about some crafting on the cheap?  This is my new summer wreath for the front door; straight from Dollar Tree. 

I got the vine wreath and a bunch of silk sunflowers, two different bunches of daisies (one yellow and one white), and a bunch of yellow and white berries.  I cut the bunches apart using an old pair of scissors, keeping all the extra leaves for filler.  I started with the large sunflowers and arranged the flowers, working down in size and gluing everything in place as I went.  I added a pretty ribbon remnant from my stash, and viola!  I had a new summer wreath for the door. 

And now, the big reveal.  Ladies and germs, I give you . . . . . the Big Blue Thing!

OK, so the real pattern name is Saphir/Q.  I started this back in April, just after we moved into the house.  As you know, I've been slogging along on it ever since.  But it was totally worth it!

The center portion went pretty quickly, once I memorized the stitch pattern.  By the time I got to the border, rows were taking about 1 1/2 hours each; meaning I memorized a stitch pattern just about the time I finished each one.  And each one of the last 50 rows is different.

By the time I got this thing stretched out, it was nearly dry so I sprayed water on it a couple times today.  I'm going to leave it on the wires until at Tuesday night.  I may re-dress it, more aggressively, next week.  This baby is going to Sock Summit 11 with me.


  1. Oh, the Big Blue Thing is just gorgeous!
    Love your wreath, btw. Thrifty is a wonderful thing...

  2. Crafty rocks! Lovely wreath.

    And the big blue thing is awesomesauce!!

  3. gorgeous - what is the yarn?


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