Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Social Butterfly

Where has the last week gone?  It seems to have just flown by.

The volunteers met up last Thursday at McTarnahan's Tap Room to get the scoop on Sock Summit 2011.  We didn't find out what our assignments are; we got those by email today.  We also had the chance to practice a little something for a super secret plan

ToolMan and I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and bought wonderful fresh vegetables.  We've been eating salads made from the huge head of crisp leaf lettuce, a couple bunches of mild red radishes, and sweet red tomatoes.  And enjoying the bouquet of fresh flowers on the dining table. 

We got confirmation from the Sock Summit crew gave a thumbs up to our team for the Fleece to Foot Challenge during Sock Summit 2011!  Duffy and I have gathered some of the best spinners and knitters we know to help us out.  And Duffy came up with the perfect name: PDX Puddle Jumpers!  I ordered some "costumes"; now all we need is a little practice spinning in the grease and we should be ready. 

Last night was the monthly Portland Spinnerati meeting at Urban Fiber Arts.  It was nice to be back in a spinners circle; I forgot how much I miss that.  I took a few more of ToolMan's shawl pins to Cindy for the shop.  And I managed to spend the rest of what was left on my gift card.  Not too hard, really; the gray BFL was just too nice to leave there!  I was spinning a pair of buns that my friend Barbara brought me a couple years ago; I managed to get one done and started on the second one.

I got the email today with my assignments for Sock Summit, and I am OVER THE MOON!  I'm dying to tell you what my jobs will be, but I want to save the big reveal for Sock Summit.  Since there will be free wi-fi this year, I'm thinking about taking the laptop to do some real-time blogging.  Or maybe some Skpe calls from the marketplace floor?  Maybe we could squeeze in a video interview or two for the blog?  Hmmm, I'll need to figure out how to do those things; lol!

I missed knit night tonight.  Not only am I too pooped for it, but I have to bake quiche for the office potluck tomorrow.  We do a potluck every couple of months.  This one fell on Bastille Day, so we actually have a theme besides "whatever we felt like making at the last minute".  I'm baking a couple of quiche from Costco.  It was that or a drive-through window tomorrow for a dozen large orders of french fries.


  1. Laughing at the french fries!
    I'll be looking forward to your live-on-the-spot coverage of the summit!

  2. What Gayle said! With my broken wrist, knitting is still not doable, but I might have to hit the summit just for shopping and to see you. If Franklin's classes hadn't been booked solid, I would have taken them even in a body cast!


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