Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Heads and Toes and Some Ears

I used up some of my hand spun odd balls to knit myself a little bag to carry around my mp3 player and while I was at it, I covered my ear buds in I-cord.  I thought this would be ideal for listening to audio books from the library, and it would be if my mp3 player was compatible with Windows 7 and hadn't reached its "end of life" according to the manufacturer, who is not providing upgrades or support any longer for this model.  Really, it's only about 4 years old!

At least the ear buds are long enough that I can listen to them on my laptop.

Remember the orange hat from last week?  That's it on the bottom right.  The others were handed to me at last Wednesday's Knit Night.  As I said, if you need to keep some little kids' heads warm, just ask some knitters and crocheters.  You'll be up to your eyeballs in hats before you know it.

As soon as I finished the orange hat, I cast on for another pair of sideways socks for ToolMan.  I feel a little guilty about not making more knitted things for him and he loves hand knit socks, so I'm trying to knit several pair for him this year.

It's a good thing this pattern is so fast and easy; I'm doing this one completely from memory.  ToolMan picked out this yarn; it's "Forest Fog" from Wildfoot.  I certainly hope it softens up when washed; right now, it's pretty scratchy.  And boringly gray to knit.  I tried to talk ToolMan into letting me do the mosaic pattern suggested by EZ, but he nixed that idea. 

If you need me, I'll be over here in the corner, knitting these gray socks and rocking, trying to find my "happy place".


  1. Roxie sez
    listen to a funny sexy book and the gray socks will be done before you know it.

  2. Well, the sock yarn looks pretty from here...
    I wouldn't have thought of covering ear bud wires with i-cord. Clever!


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