Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From Head to Toes

Remember when I said that I was enchanted with the new Elizabeth Zimmerman book, Knit One Knit All?  That link to the book is for Amazon, but if you're going to buy it, please try to buy it from a bookstore; if we want to keep them around, then we have to shop at them.  Or get it from your local yarn shop, they'll appreciate it.

These are the garter stitch sideways socks from Knit One Knit All.  ToolMan loves handknit socks, and I like to knit so it works out pretty good.  He likes them not too tight, but not loose enough to be deemed "floppy"; taller than crew socks but not as high as knee socks; no pattern on the foot and very little on the leg; and he prefers a wool/bamboo blend.  But he's not picky or anything.

I've knit him several pairs of socks which he liked at first, but after they'd been washed a few times were either too short, too snug, or the dreaded "floppy".  So far, he seems pretty happy with these because they're stretchy but the garter stitch snuggs up well without ribbing.  And he gave a big thumbs up for this yarn; it's 70% merino, 30% bamboo from Frog Creek Fibers in their "Cinnamon Toast" colorway.

And they were a pretty fast knit; I finished the pair in less than a week.  After doing the first one, I didn't even need the pattern for the second sock.  Time will tell if this pattern becomes my go-to for man socks. 

This is what's currently on the needles: a sideways garter stitch hat.

I seem to have a thing for garter stich recently; I think it's from hanging out with Elizabeth Zimmerman books.  And that's not the real color; it more "hunter's orange" than the picture, but I didn't want to burn your eyes.  You can thank me later.

One of my friends, Maryanne, is in a church group that has committed to making sure every kid in Lincoln Street Elementary has a coat for this winter.  Lincoln Street Elementary is one of the poorest schools in the district; most of the kids are recent immigrants from Central America,  don't speak English, and a great many are undocumented.  

You know what goes great with coats?  Hand knitted hats!  And that, I know how to make.  Moreover, I know other people who also know how to make them, too.  I put out one post on Ravelry for hat knitters and yarn donations last Monday.  By Wednesday knit night, I had a big bag of donated yarn and at least 3 other knitters.   If you want to keep little kids warm, all you really have to do is tell a knitter.


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  1. Are the soles of the socks garter stitch, too? My Madman won't wear handknit socks (I know!) because he claims the purl bumps bother him. I can only imagine what garter ridges would do...


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