Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As hard as re-entry to the regular world was after the first Sock Summit, it felt harder this time.  Maybe it's because I spent so much more time in the market and out amongst the knitters.  I know it's not possible, but what I really want to do is live there.  I'd be perfectly happy; living in a convention center full of knitters and spinners.  I bet I'm not the only one; I bet a you'd jump at the chance to do that, too!

Since we can't live there, let's fondle the stash enhancement acquired.  From the top clockwise:  The Sock Summit 2011 bag, a braid of Polwarth Rare Gems from Blue Moon, a self-striping no repeat cake of yarn from Sophie's Toes, a fiber sampler pack from Woolgatherings, a skein of sock yarn from Mountain Colors in Red Tailed Hawk; and a monster skein of over a pound of yarn from Newton's.

Details:  The bag is great; nice heavy canvas, sturdy straps, and front pockets.  I got one of these at SS09 and love it.  The braid from Blue Moon is one of Tina's "Rare Gems", meaning it's something that won't be repeated; at 9 ounces, it's definitely enough for a project.  The cake of yarn from Sophie's Toes is something I hadn't seen before: a self-striping, no repeat.  That's right: self-striping and NO REPEAT.  This colorway is "Cosmopolitan" and I think it might become a cowl for moi.  The fiber pack from Woolgatherings is 10 ounces; one ounce of 9 different breeds.  Since the colors are black to grey, browns, creams and white, I'm thinking this will become either a shaded shawl or the color work yoke on a sweater.  Hmm, I have that black merino top from OFFF last year; maybe I'll combine them for a sweater?  The Mountain Colors sock yarn is for ToolMan's socks; I thought he'd like the Red Tailed Hawk colorway and I wasn't wrong.

Remember when I had to pack up the wheel and all it's parts for Fleece to Foot?  One of the things I had to do was finish up the singles I had on my bobbins.  The fiber was a couple of buns from Barbara that had been lounging in my stash.  I spun them fine, plied them with a silk thread for a nice lace weight yarn.  Even though it looks brown, there is a lot of rose pink in this and just a touch of sparkle.  It should be a pretty cowl.

I didn't take any knitting with me to Sock Summit.  I know from experience that I don't get any knitting done, no matter how simple and straightforward the pattern is.  After working on the Big Blue Thing, I was in the mood for big yarn, big needles, and a fast project.  Harmonia's Rings to the rescue!

Sivia Harding is a genius with this pattern; it goes fast, it's just challenging enough to be interesting without being too difficult, and it knits up fast.  I finished this one in 4 days.  It's soaking in the sink right now.  But I have to decide whether to keep it or put it in the Christmas Present box.  Well, maybe I could wear it just once or twice.


  1. Its ok i understand...i feel the same way after a StitchnBtich weekend...sigh if only....

  2. Yeah, I wanna live at Sock Summit, too. I did get a little knitting done there, but not much!

  3. That's a very restrained pile of loot, under the circumstances...
    I'm happy for you that you got to live at Sock Summit, even if it was only for a couple of days.

  4. I don't think I'm strong enough to actually live at Sock Summit. Just a few hours of visiting wore me out. You amaze and inspire me.

    The stash enhancement is muy awesome! And the pattern for Harmonia's rings just fascinates me. How does it DO that? Looks like half a moebius.


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